Axl Rose Poetically Urges Americans to Vote for a “Better World” in the “Face of Fear and Intimidation”

"Through all the noise, lies, and distractions ... VOTE"

Axl Rose encourages voting
Axl Rose, photo by Amy Harris

    With Election Day upon us, Axl Rose is urging his fellow Americans to vote. The Guns N’ Roses singer posted a series of poetic tweets, listing the reasons why it’s so important to cast a ballot in the presidential election this year.

    While Rose doesn’t mention Donald Trump or Joe Biden by name, his social media posts over the past four years have been decidedly anti-Trump. In fact, the rock legend has repeatedly ripped apart Trump and his administration throughout the president’s entire term in the White House.

    Among his many takedowns of Trump, the GN’R frontman once called the president a “repulsive excuse for a person with a sick agenda.” The singer also lambasted members of Trump’s administration for seemingly discouraging social distancing during the pandemic.


    In a three-part tweet posted late Monday night, Axl Rose wrote an impassioned poem to encourage voting:


    Whatever It Takes


    Take A Side

    Make A Stand


    With Courage

    In The Face Of Fear

    And Intimidation


    Through All The Noise


    And Distractions


    For The Country

    For A Better World



    For The Future

    Of Our Country

    Our Planet

    Your Planet

    This Planet

    The Only Planet We Have


    For Those Who Fought,

    Suffered And Died

    To Create And Protect

    Your Right To Vote


    For Loved Ones

    For You

    And For US

    Together As One

    And If It Helps…

    Vote Knowing There Are Those

    Hoping, Praying N’ Counting On

    You Won’t

    And Would Do Virtually ANYTHING

    They Thought They Could Get Away With

    To Stop You


    While Axl may not name names, it’s easy to see who and what he’s addressing throughout his poem — especially the closing line, which basically calls out Trump for his efforts to suppress voting in key swing states.

    Despite Axl’s disdain for Trump, the president is apparently a big Guns N’ Roses fan. According to former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Trump insists that GN’R’s “November Rain” is the “greatest music video of all time.”


    See Axl Rose’s full series of tweets below, and if you haven’t already voted, hit your local polling place.


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