Cher Is Escorting “The World’s Loneliest Elephant” to a Cambodian Sanctuary

The 35-year-old animal has suffered from decades of abuse, abysmal conditions, and isolation

Cher elephant Cambodia escort lonely world's loneliest Kaavan
Kaavan the elephant

    Cher is moving heaven and Earth to save a sad animal. According to The Los Angeles Times, the pop icon is currently in Pakistan preparing to escort “the world’s loneliest elephant” to a sanctuary in Cambodia.

    The elephant, named Kaavan, was a gift from the government of Sri Lanka to the head of the Pakistani army 35 years ago. After his partner Saheli died in 2012, Kaavan became increasingly lonely and depressed. He’s spent over a dozen years in chains at the Marghazar Zoo in Islamabad, where he is overweight and malnourished, suffers from abysmal conditions, and is sometimes beaten. Experts believe it may take years of psychological care for Kaavan to fully recover.

    Animal rights activists have been trying to get Kaavan out of the zoo for years. Apparently it was Cher, who after learning of his struggles in 2016, helped expedite the case by hiring a legal team to help through Free the Wild, the wildlife protection charity she cofounded. Thankfully, they got Pakistan’s high court to order Marghazar Zoo to be closed in May, and as such, all of its animals will be freed.


    Fans who follow Cher on social media know she is very, very, very excited about this. For weeks, she’s been tweeting about the Russian cargo lifter that will transport Kaavan to his new home, meeting Prime Minister Imran Kahn to thank him for his efforts, and just how adorable Kaavan is in general. She also revealed that the Smithsonian channel is filming a documentary about the whole voyage.

    Luckily for Kaavan, he’s also in store for some personalized pop songs to celebrate. “CANT WAIT TO SING TO HIM ON WAY TO CAMBODIA,” tweeted Cher. “I HAVE TWO SONGS.”

    Speaking of, it’s mere days until Cher helps Kaavan travel to his forever home. On Monday, she will take a separate flight to meet Kavaan in Siem Reap and, from there, the two will travel by truck to the Cambodian Wildlife Sanctuary, reports Stereogum. That’s where Kaavan will finally be in good hands, smack dab in the middle of a jungle alongside three healthy female elephants. We wish him the best of luck in his new home.

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