Foo Fighters Celebrate 25th Anniversary with MST3K-Style Documentary Times Like Those: Watch

The Foos look back on "bad fashion decisions, questionable facial hair, and, to be fair, a pretty respectable collection of guitars."

Foo Fighters Times Like Those
Foo Fighters’ Times Like Those, photo courtesy of band

It’s easy to poke fun of Foo Fighters, and over the last 25 years nobody has done it more than the Foos themselves. Now celebrating a quarter-century of rock and roll, Dave Grohl and co. have filmed a new documentary, but with a twist. Times Like Those doesn’t just boast old photographs and voiceovers — it features the band themselves, sitting in a projection room, looking like a cosplay of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and turning up the heat on a self-roast.

The film opens with scrolling Star Wars text, beginning with the words, “A long time ago in a recording studio far, far away…” The intro heralds the band’s 25th anniversary and laments the pandemic which kept them from celebrating on the road. The Foos then laid out a thesis statement for Times Like Those, writing,

“Undaunted, we did what so many others have done throughout the collective pause and made the most of silence, sitting down together and using this time for contemplation, growth, and an honest assessment of who we are as seen through the lens of who we’ve been; the bad fashion decisions, questionable facial hair, and, to be fair, a pretty respectable collection of guitars.”

While more self-serious rockers might have started with a capital-O Origin story, the Foos begin by questioning how many toes keyboardist Rami Jaffee possesses. The projection screen has revealed a nice black-and-white photograph of the band, and the bandmembers are instantly distracted by Jaffee’s “Hobbit feet.” “Dude, it looks like you have an extra toe,” Grohl says.

Times Like Those includes plenty of behind-the-scenes peeks, but the 25-minute short is more fun than revealing. At one point, Grohl accurately predicts what color shirt Pat Smear was wearing in a black-and-white photograph. “How did you do that?” Smear wonders.

“Because I fucking went through these pictures not long ago,” Grohl replies.

There are tales of the frontman’s “violent diarrhea,” and stories about him getting really into making barbecue. It is perhaps a coincidence that those events happened close together. They also share funny stories about catching each other yawning on stage, and describe the audience’s mood during a three-and-a-half hour show as “Play “Everlong” so I can leave!” Check out Times Like Those below.

Foo Fighters 10th studio album, Medicine at Midnightpremieres February 5th. Earlier this week the group performed lead single “Shame Shame” on Colbert. Last month, the Foos unearthed a new EP Live On the Radio 1996.

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