A Holiday Gift Guide for Horror Hounds

Masks, shirts, figurines, and more to keep things creepy under the tree

Holiday Gift Guide for Horror Hounds

As the song goes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year — well, second to Halloween. Although spooky season is sadly behind us, that doesn’t mean horror hounds have to put away the creepy for Christmas. No, no, they just have to add more.

For most fans of the macabre, the holidays present an exciting opportunity to grab even more gore from the store — and most companies are hip to this by now. Whether it’s masks or figurines, shirts or blankets, there’s something for every horror hound.

What used to be a super niche market is now a metropolis of merchandise, and it can admittedly be overwhelming picking and choosing what goods to get without breaking the bank. That’s why we put together this here ghoulish guide.

Because, if you couldn’t tell, Consequence of Sound has a predilection for things that go bump in the night. And like you, we’re also jonesing to add a little pumpkin spice to our egg nog this season — you know, if you catch our drift.

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Below, we’ve gathered what we think are the best tricks and treats for the 2020 holidays. So, shop at your own risk up ahead as you eat your leftovers, sip on cider, and background watch last year’s Black Christmas on HBO Max.

Also, be sure to bookmark this page for running updates.

Creepy Co.’s “Scare Packages” and Halloween Pajamas

The holidays are all about keeping it cozy, and Creepy Co. understands this better than everyone. That’s why their assortment of “Scare Packages” are an easy grab bag right now — particularly the bundles featuring a pillow and a blanket. We’re partial to the Creepshow collection, but fans of Evil Dead, Texas Chain Saw, and Goosebumps are also in good company. If you’re looking for an upgrade, you might want to check out their new expanded Halloween line, which includes some swanky pajamas.

Horror-Themed Face Masks

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Look, the New Year is undoubtedly going to bring some change in our lives, but certainly not overnight. Come January 1st, we’ll still be wearing face masks, so why not get a few new ones to shake things up? Consequence has a number of options, especially for those who want to indulge in the darkness of the day or night. The Caretaker and Chevron masks are a favorite among our readers, but your inner goblin or pumpkin king may want to take a more literal approach in your day-to-day.

Lovecraft and Losers’ Club Shirts

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Rest assured, Consequence is also in the shirt game — and, more to the point, the spooky shirt game. Yes, fans of H.P. Lovecraft and The Losers’ Club: A Stephen King Podcast can wear their affinity for the Masters of Horror on their shoulders. Both feature original artwork that will leave passing horror scholars and Constant Readers jealous. Act now and you can take advantage of the store’s Thanksgiving sale, which pairs a free face mask with the purchase of a shirt. Mix ’em, match ’em, go crazy with your crazy self.

Ugly Scary Christmas Sweaters and Track Jackets

One way to have fun with the holidays is to find a killer Christmas sweater. Most opt for an ugly one, some go ironic, but us horror hounds often prefer to shake up the stakes with a slasher or two. Middle of Beyond has quite a selection for this crowd with sweaters representing everything from Alien to Friday the 13th to The Shining. If sweaters aren’t your thing, though, they also have some sick crew jackets that should have you looking less like Kris Kringle and more like Steve Harrington.

Boo! Baby Onesies 

Got a youngster you’d like to enroll into Monster Academy? Way Harsh Designs is like the Kids R Us of horror clothing for your toddlers. From A Nightmare on Elm Street to Halloween, Friday the 13th to They Live, they have all sorts of threads inspired by the meanest movie maniacs out there. What’s more, they also have some non-horror stuff inspired by Wayne’s World and Bob’s Burgers, which means you have every opportunity in raising the coolest kid post-Christmas.

Pins and Pins and Pins

What good is a jacket without some pieces of flair? No, not of the Office Space variety, but those straight outta the coffin. Little Shop of Gore digs up the best of the bunch by offering a left-of-the-dial spin on your favorite genre fare. How about a combination of Say Anything… and Friday the 13th? Or maybe Oogie Boogie and Leatherface? Say no more. These are the pins that give your jacket a sense of singularity … while also making die-hard fans stop and go, “Oh, how clever!”


Back in October, Waxwork Records sent horror fans to reach for their wallets with their new collection of Spinatures. What are Spinatures? Good question! They’re meticulously designed figurines that sit atop your record spindles. Don’t have a record player? Well, they also look great on shelves. The collection is astounding, too: What started with Universal Monsters has since expanded to include a greatest hits of John Carpenter IP — from Halloween III: Season of the Witch to They Live. Good luck picking just one of ’em.

Tiki Mugs

For years, Mondo has cornered the highly coveted Tiki Mug Market. This year, they unwrapped some must-grabs, and what better time than the holidays to add some glassware to your cupboard. Fans of Jaws, Godzilla, Halloween, Gremlins, Ghostbusters, IT, and the Universal Monsters have every opportunity to upgrade their mug game. Granted, parties are on pause during the pandemic (say that 10x as fast), but we all know they’ll come back. Hell, treat yourself to one and make it a pair.

Puzzles, Trading Cards, and Games

Sometimes you need to take horror in your own hands. House of Mysterious Secrets has several tabletop activities for such a desire. You know, like 1,000-piece puzzles with Elvira or Gizmo on it; playing cards featuring Father Merrin from The Exorcist or Chucky from Child’s Play; and, of course, board games such as Friday the 13th: Horror at Camp Crystal Lake or Re-Animator. So, put your phone six feet under and roll the dice with these offerings. After all, the idle hands are the devil’s play thing.

Friday the 13th Box Set

Friday the 13th Box Set

Did you spend this year at Camp Crystal Lake with the Halloweenies? Well, you might want to extend your stay with Shout Factory’s exhaustive box set. Featuring all 12 films in the Friday the 13th franchise, the 16-disc collection contains both new material and all the supplemental goodies from prior home entertainment releases. They even tossed in a 40-page booklet to rest your eyes upon as you rewatch The Final Chapter and Jason Lives again and again and again. Get it before it’s gone.

Stephen King and Other Horror-Related Signs

Every self-respecting Constant Reader has a bookshelf full of Stephen King books. Odds are they take great pride in that bookshelf, too, especially if they have a few first editions in hand. Jesse Nelson knows this better than anyone, which is why he started Kings Domain Designs, where he sells all kinds of accoutrements for Constant Readers. The centerpiece of his goods are little wooden signs that fans can place on their shelves next to their books and Funkos. He also sells some killer mugs, but you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for ’em as they often, as they say, fly off the shelves.

Scored to Death 2

Ah, there’s nothing like kickin’ back and enjoying the holidays with a terrifying film score. Well, every score has a story behind it, and Scored to Death author J. Blake Fichera has heard ’em all. So many that he’s gone ahead and published a second volume of interviews featuring your favorite horror composers. From John Harrison to Brad Fiedel, Joe LoDuca to Disasterpiece, Fichera didn’t miss a note, which is why you should grab a copy and find a cozy spot near the fireplace. Just be sure to keep an eye out.

Candles, Phone Stands, and Other Stocking Stuffers

Finding the right trinkets is easier said than done. All too often, stockings and small gifts amount to extra toothpaste, packs of gum, or maybe — if you’re lucky — some Twizzlers. Let Monster Posse give your gifts an upgrade with their wide range of oddities both cute and controversial. They have air fresheners, candles, phone stands, patches, pins, and much, much more. Like a few of the aforementioned shops, they all come with a clever twist. We’re partial to the Tina Belcher/Beetlejuice crossover.


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