Moog Brings Back Budget-Friendly Werkstatt-01 Modular Synthesizer

Moog has made the synth kit available for a new low price of $199

Moog Werkstatt-01

Moog is bringing back its “most affordable” modular synthesizer, the Werkstatt-01, just in time for the holidays with a new low price.

If you plan on spending less money and more time making music, it’s the perfect way to begin dabbling in Moog’s ever-growing world of modular synths. The Werkstatt-01 now goes for $199 (versus its original price of $379), and its simplicity and customization make it entry-level accessible for those who’ve never owned such an instrument.

As Moog states in the press release, the Werkstatt can be used for “musical exploration and experimental education” as a standalone instrument or a workshop for patching and interconnectivity with other gear. It was designed specifically for the curious owner to open it up and tweak away, all while literally learning the ins and outs of a modular synthesizer.

The Werkstatt has all-analog circuitry, full-range analog oscillation with selectable waveforms, and the Moog Ladder Filter for harmonic sculpting. To create movement and modulation of the waveform, you can adjust the LFO circuit. From ocean sounds to pulsing bass lines, the Werkstatt provides all the means for sonic exploration and education. Because of the mod-ability of the synth, it doubles as a “interactive education tool in STEM curricula” and used at the Georgia Tech Hackathon, an annual competition in Atlanta.

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The Werkstatt was first introduced at the Moogfest in 2014, and the development of the synth would lead to Moog’s latest line of modular synths: Mother-32, DFAM, Grandmother, Matriach, and the Subharmonicon.

According to Moog, the Werkstatt-01 is available “now but not forever.” It can be purchased from a Moog dealer near you or via Reverb, with an accompanying CV Expander included in the $199 price.

Check out a demo of the synthesizer below.


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