The Invitation Is a Powerful Examination of Grief

Psychoanalysis goes to the dinner party from hell

Psychoanalysis - The Invitation
Psychoanalysis – The Invitation

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    Psychoanalysis is a weekly series on the Consequence Podcast Network that takes an in-depth look at a mental health topic through the lens of horror.

    Today, they request the pleasure of your company for a night of mystery and magic. Join them for drinks, dinner, uncomfortable entertainment and a lively discussion of Karyn Kusama’s The Invitation. They’ll provide the wine, you provide the trauma.


    In their second episode on grief, Jenn, Lara, and Mike unpack this powerful exploration of tension, trauma, and the different ways we respond to loss. The conversation ranges from repressing emotions, confronting triggers, and healthy boundaries.

    Conversations range from red lanterns, dinner party snuff films, and cults dressed up as MLMs. Mike shares ideas for comforting someone who is grieving and we’ll bring the festivities to a close with an uplifting moment of grounding and self-care.

    We already lit the red lantern. Now it’s time to pour the wine. Will you accept? Stream the episode above and subscribe to the series now. Also be sure to follow the Consequence Podcast Network for updates surrounding future programming.


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