Sheryl Crow Covers Tom Petty’s “You Don’t Know How It Feels” on Fallon: Watch

In honor of Petty's new box set Wildflowers & All The Rest

Sheryl Crow Tom Petty You Don't Know How It Feels cover Jimmy Fallon
Sheryl Crow, photo via The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Tom Petty’s estate released the expanded Wildflowers box set last month, and they’ve been tapping artists to promote it in his place since the beloved late musician cannot. On Wednesday night, Sheryl Crow stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to perform “You Don’t Know How It Feels” — and she did so with the help of three other Sheryl Crows.

“You Don’t Know How It Feels” is one of those classic rock staples that hits you right in the heart. The original version of the classic 1994 single has plenty of swagger courtesy of a bluesy harmonica solo, a great guitar riff, and of course Petty’s empathetic chorus. Wildflowers & All The Rest includes a 2014 remastered version of the song as well as the original 8-track demo and a live version. In her take on the song, Crow essentially combines all three of those renditions.

Following an introduction from Fallon, Crow can be seen sitting outside of a rusty shed in the middle of the woods. She counts off and begins strumming her way through the track while playing that iconic harmonica intro. When the chorus hits, though, she’s joined by another woman in identical clothing in a chair opposite her who adds vocal harmonies. Yes, that’s also Sheryl Crow. Thanks to some nifty camera overlaying tricks and multiple audio tracks, she adds each instrumental track one by one herself — keys, electric guitar, additional harmonica, and powerhouse vocal harmonies — in a pretty fun live performance.

Watch the full clip below.

Crow has spent most this year using her platform to help others out. During the fall, she voiced her support for the pro-choice movement, and joined dozens of artists in an open letter demanding politicians stop playing unauthorized music. Plus, she also performed at the annual Stand Up for Heroes livestream, Ringo Starr’s 80th birthday party, and the virtual fundraiser for President-Elect Joe Biden.

Meanwhile, Stevie Nicks, Foo Fighters, Adam Sandler, Eddie Vedder, Beck, Post Malone, and Margo Price, and more recently came together to celebrate Tom Petty’s 70th birthday with a virtual livestream bash.