Sons of Stone Temple Pilots, Guns N’ Roses, and Metallica Members Have Formed a Band

Suspect208 features Noah Weiland, Tye Trujillo, and London Hudson (Slash's son)


Talk about some rock pedigree! A new band called Suspect208 features the sons of late Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland, Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash, and Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo. The group just released its debut single, “Long Awaited”.

Suspect208 boasts 20-year-old Noah Weiland on lead vocals, 16-year-old Tye Trujillo on bass, and 18-year-old London Hudson (son of Slash) on drums. The quartet is rounded out by guitarist Niko Tsangaris, who is also in the band Classless Act with Hudson.

Music-wise, the band’s very solid first single “Long Awaited” leans more toward STP than GN’R or Metallica, with Noah’s delivery conjuring recollections of his late father. That said, the band delivers an original hard rock sound that features psychedelic and alt-metal elements.

While Suspect208 is a musical coming out party of sorts for Noah and London, the youthful Tye has made his mark over the past few years with some high-profile gigs. The youngster stepped in to play bass with Korn for a series of concerts when Fieldy was unable to make the shows. He also performed onstage with his father’s old band, Suicidal Tendencies.

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Noah and London’s fathers were bandmates in Velvet Revolver, and in a 2018 interview the drummer recalled first seeing his dad Slash perform with the supergroup. “Seeing that many people at the [Velvet Revolver] shows was kind of crazy, and how they all just worshipped [the band],” London told the Appetite for Distortion podcast (via Blabbermouth). “Then going on the last GN’R tour, and seeing all those people who still like him for much older stuff, is when it really clicked [how famous my dad is].”

Take a listen to Suspect208’s debut single, “Long Awaited”, below, and download the track here.

Update: We spoke with all four members of Suspect208 via Zoom. Watch the video interview below the song stream.

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