The National to Reissue Early Releases to Mark 20th Anniversary

Fresh remasters of their self-titled debut, their Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers sophomore LP, and the Cherry Tree EP

the national debut album sad songs for dirty lovers cherry tree ep reissue 20th anniversary
The National

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of their self-titled debut, The National are reissuing that album along with two other early releases.

Fresh pressings of 2001’s The National, 2003’s Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers, and 2004’s Cherry Tree EP are set for release on February 26th, 2021 via 4AD. The remastering for all three was handled at Abbey Road Studios.

While it’s rare to hear any of these recordings performed live these days, they laid the groundwork for The National’s eventual sound. The self-titled debut was loaded with smoldering indie Americana, which the band pushed further towards their alternative style on Sad Songs. It was the Cherry Tree EP that became the clear gateway to their eventual breakthrough (2005’s Alligator), and it’s fondly looked at by fans as the effort that saw The National truly coming into their devastating, self-effacing own.

Members of The National’s Cherry Tree fan club will have access to exclusive split-color vinyl versions of each reissue, which are currently available for pre-order. Pre-orders for standard black vinyl and CD formats are also now live. Check out the tracklists and artwork below.

The National’s latest full-length, I Am Easy to Find, arrived last year. 2020 saw frontman Matt Berninger and drummer Bryan Devendorf release their debut solo albums. Meanwhile, Aaron and Bryce Dessner worked with Taylor Swift on her latest opus, folklore. Aaron will perform with Swift in her nearly announced Disney+ film, folklore: the long pond studio sessions, which premieres tomorrow.

The National Artwork:

the national self-titled debut reissue

The National Tracklist:
01. Beautiful Head
02. Cold Girl Fever
03. The Perfect Song
04. American Mary
05. Son
06. Pay For Me
07. Bitters & Absolut
08. John’s Star
09. Watching You Well
10. Theory Of The Crows
11. 29 Years
12. Anna Freud

Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers Artwork:

the national reissue sad songs for dirty lovers

Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers Tracklist:
01. Cardinal Song
02. Slipping Husband
03. 90-Mile Water Wall
04. It Never Happened
05. Murder Me Rachael
06. Thirsty
07. Available
08. Sugar Wife
09. Trophy Wife
10. Fashion Coat
11. Patterns Of Fairytales
12. Lucky You

Cherry Tree EP Artwork:

the national reissue cherry tree ep

Cherry Tree EP Tracklist:
01. Wasp Nest
02. All The Wine
03. All Dolled-Up In Straps
04. Cherry Tree
05. About Today
06. Murder Me Rachael (Live)
07. Reasonable Man (I Don’t Mind)