10 Timeless Political Songs for Election Day

A cliché collection of anthems you'll sing today, tomorrow, and 50 years from now

10 Timeless Political Songs for Election Day

This feature originally ran November 2008 and has since been edited for Election Day 2020.

Everyone hates politics.

Election Day is among us, though. So, it doesn’t matter if you get nauseous any time you flip by C-SPAN or that you once had an asthma attack during your eighth-grade field trip to Washington, D.C. Truth be told, the country’s future is on the line, and it’s your civil duty to get out there and cast a ballot.

As a source of inspiration, we scrambled together a cliché collection of the best political anthems out there. Because, really, sometimes you just need to hear the hits again to feel good about something — it’s sort of like how every sports team relies on the same three or four songs to get everyone in the mood.

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So, slap on those headphones, pump up the volume, and head to your local polling place. Don’t know where to go? Good news for you: Google has created this unbelievable search engine to help you find exactly what you need, including your district’s local polling place. It’s really that easy, folks.

Good luck, god bless, and be smart.


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