Alice Cooper Shares New Song “Our Love Will Change the World”: Stream

Cooper calls the Detroit Stories track one of his "oddest songs" ever

Alice Cooper New Song Our Love Will Save the World
Alice Cooper, photo by Jenny Risher

    Alice Cooper has shared the new song “Our Love Will Change the World”, the second single from his upcoming album, Detroit Stories.

    Cooper called the track one of the “oddest songs” of his career for its juxtaposition of “happy” major chords and otherwise cynical lyrics. The shock rock legend explains that the song was written by a fellow Detroiter, thus fitting the Motor City theme of the new album.

    “I think ‘Our Love Will Change The World’ is one of the oddest songs I’ve ever done and it was one that came to us by somebody else, another Detroit writer,” Cooper explained in the press release. “And it was so strange, because it was happy and what it was saying was anything but happy — it was simply a great juxtaposition. And I got it immediately and said, ‘OK, this is going to be great.’ The music saying one thing and the lyrics saying something else; I love that song. It is totally different from anything else on the album.”

    Indeed, the song’s upbeat sound is unusual coming from Cooper. The words less so, with such phrases like “we have very little respect for everything/ very little regard for anything” coming across as very Alice Cooper.


    That said, he’s not above a positive jam. In the early months of the pandemic Cooper released the downright inspirational “Don’t Give Up” that directly addressed listeners with a message of hope, putting the generally spooky Alice Cooper persona aside for a brief moment of honest reality.

    The forthcoming Detroit Stories is an homage to the city’s rock legacy. We previously heard Cooper and company take on The Velvet Underground’s “Rock & Roll” for the lead single, a song that’s Detroit connection had implications on the career of the songwriter Lou Reed himself.

    Pre-order Detroit Stories via Alice Cooper’s merch store or Amazon. The album arrives officially on February 26th.

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