Boris and Merzbow Unveil Cover of the Melvins’ “Boris”: Stream

Their collaborative album 2R0I2P0 arrives December 11th

Boris Merzbow Melvins Cover
Boris & Merzbow, photo by Miki Matsushima

Boris and Merzbow have jointly covered the song that inspired the former’s band name, the Melvins’ 1991 track “Boris”. The song is featured on the upcoming Boris/Merzbow collaborative album 2R0I2P0 (“2020 RIP” when rearranged), coming December 11th.

Prepare your ears: The imitable harsh noise of Japanese pioneer Merzbow latches onto Boris’ pounding sludge, creating a range of frequencies that’s illusory and captivating. This take on the Melvins song encapsulates the uncompromising approach — and creative freedom — of this collaboration.

As Boris’ Takeshi explained to Heavy Consequence in our recent interview, the album is partly sourced from live tracks that were then edited and overdubbed.

“Right before the pandemic, we performed at a festival in Australia, and the live set inspired us to start production,” Takeshi said in a written correspondence translated from Japanese. “Boris’ basic tracks came from a multi-track recording from last year’s European tour. After returning to Japan, we added edits and overdubs to the sound source. It’s a live document and also a completely new studio album.”

Takeshi added: “When you co-perform with Merzbow, we can feel that Boris’ songs transform into something completely different on stage. The usual three-person timing and ensemble are broken, interfered, merged and mixed, and becomes new music that’s not Boris nor Merzbow. I think Merzbow feels the same phenomenon as well.”

Regarding the not-so hidden message in the album cover, Boris explained in a press release that the album stands as a “monument to the requiem of the previous era,” and, “From here, a new world begins again.”

Watch the clip for “Boris” below and pre-order the album via Relapse or Amazon.