Dave Grohl and Greg Kurstin Cover The Velvet Underground’s “Rock and Roll”: Watch

The Foo Fighters frontman and Grammy-winning producer conclude their eight-part covers song series in celebration of Hanukkah

Dave Grohl Velvet Underground

It’s the eighth and final night of Hanukkah, and Dave Grohl and Greg Kurstin are going out with a bang. The Foo Fighters frontman and Grammy-winning producer have celebrated the holiday by covering a song by a different Jewish artist each night, and for their final act they’ve busted out a rendition of The Velvet Underground’s “Rock and Roll”.

“As 2020 comes to a close and another Hanukkah ends (my first!) I am reminded of the two things that have gotten me through this year: music and hope,” wrote Grohl in a note posted to Foo Fighters’ Twitter account.

“The project, which initially began as a silly idea, grew to represent something much more important to me,” Grohl added. “It showed that the simple gesture of spreading joy and happiness goes a long way, and as a we look forward, we should all make an effort to do so, no matter how many candles are left to light the menorah.”

Grohl said he and Kurstin picked The Velvet Underground’s “Rock and Roll” as their final cover because it’s a “song about music and hope.” Watch their full performance below.

Throughout the last seven nights, the duo paid homage to Jewish greats like the Beastie Boys (“Sabotage”), Drake (“Hotline Bling”), Mountain (“Mississippi Queen”), Peaches (“Fuck the Pain Away”), Bob Dylan (“Rainy Day Women #12 & 35”), Elastica (“Connection”), and The Knack (“Frustrated”).

Although the series is over, there’ll be much more Grohl content coming in the new year. Foo Fighters are set to drop their 10th album, Medicine at Midnight, on February 5th, and as long as those vaccines work, Grohl is set to link up with his 10-year-old drumming opponent, Nandi Bushell, and write a song together.


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