Emma Ruth Rundle and Thou Announce New EP, Cover the Cranberries’ “Hollywood”: Stream

The May Our Chambers Be Full follow-up arrives January 15th

Emma Ruth Rundle and Thou new EP
Emma Ruth Rundle and Thou, image by Craig Mulcahy

    Emma Ruth Rundle and Thou have announced a new surprise collaborative EP titled The Helm of Sorrow, which arrives January 15th via Sacred Bones. They’ve also shared new cover of The Cranberries‘ “Hollywood” and a separate short, “Elysian Fields”, created by Thou’s Mitch Wells.

    The four-song EP includes B-sides from the excellent 2020 album from Rundle and Thou, May Our Chambers Be Full. In fact, the tracks were included on Sacred Bones’ “diehard” edition of the Chambers, but will receive a widespread release as The Helm of Sorrow, a suitably metal title.

    The cover of “Hollywood” is as captivating as anything we’ve heard from the pairing. Perhaps the artists or label realized these songs were too good to languish on a limited, exclusive release. No complaints here. A far cry from the original, this version of “Hollywood” swings with a crushing doom rhythm and loud-soft dynamics that hint at late ’90s post-grunge.


    May Our Chambers Be Full brought the seemingly disparate contrasting forces of Rundle and Thou together. However, the sensual folk and rock overtones of Rundle’s music align with Thou’s deliberately slow pace, as the latter’s massive tones provide a backdrop for Rundle’s emotive delivery. The album was strong enough to notch a spot on our best heavy albums of 2020 list.

    The EP’s announcement was also accompanied by a short video piece by Thou’s Mitch Wells called “Elysian Fields”. A sort of teaser for The Helm of Sorrow, the video runs two minutes and expands on the aesthetic explored by ERR/Thou in their album artwork and music. It’s scored by what sounds like a reverb-drenched Rundle composition.

    Pre-order the EP via Sacred Bones. Check out the artwork, tracklist, and “Hollywood” / “Elysian Fields” below.

    The Helm of Sorrow EP Artwork:

    Emma Ruth Rundle and Thou EP

    The Helm of Sorrow EP Tracklist:
    01. Orphan Limbs
    02. Crone Dance
    03. Recurrence
    04. Hollywood

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