Older Gentleman Delivers Amazing Cover of Slipknot’s “Snuff”: Watch

Frank Watkinson has also covered Pearl Jam and Daniel Johnston, among others

Old Dude Covers Slipknot
Frank Watkinson, via YouTube

    YouTube singer-songwriter Frank Watkinson might seem like an unlikely Slipknot fan for his age. Yet, his thoughtful cover of the band’s 2008 track “Snuff” proves that Watkinson knows at least one of the band’s songs to its core.

    The already slow track is rendered even more emotionally direct through the simple combo of Watkinson’s powerful voice and an acoustic guitar. Sitting in his living room, he delivers a rendition worthy of an actual concert audience.

    The clip originates from August but made the rounds over the past couple days (via Metal Injection). While the original track is a ballad by Slipknot standards, Watkinson strips the song even further to its bare chords and sentiment, harnessing a simplicity that genuinely conveys the song’s intended message and atmosphere.


    Watkinson’s channel also includes similar cover versions songs by Pearl Jam, Neutral Milk Hotel, and Daniel Johnston, who tragically passed away last year. Wilkinson recently recorded a version of Johnston’s “True Love Will Find You in the End”, and it’s also intensely moving.

    On a more comedic note, YouTube seems to be full of creative interpretations of Slipknot songs. Look no further than this cover of “Psychosocial” played on a tiny drum set inside a refrigerator.

    You can stream Wilkinson’s covers of “Snuff” and “True Love Will Find You in the End” below.

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