GWAR and Mutoid Man Rework Elton John Holiday Classic as “Stab into Christmas”: Watch

The macabre Holiday anthem comes via the Two Minutes to Late Night "Bedroom Covers" series

GWAR and Mutoid Man x Two Minutes to Late Night Cover Elton John

Two Minutes to Late Night’s ongoing “Bedroom Covers” series is ringing in the holidays in fittingly macabre fashion. For the latest all-star collab, members of GWAR and Mutoid Man team up with host Gwarsenio Hall to rework the Elton John holiday classic “Step Into Christmas” as “Stab Into Christmas”.

We would expect nothing less from the blood spewers of GWAR, who delightfully, ahem, butcher the Elton John song as we know it.

We mean that as a compliment. With such lyrical gems as “COVID sucks my monster balls” and a rousing chorus of “Stab into Christmas/ We’re on a killing spree“, this might be the new ultimate heavy metal holiday song (move over, King Diamond). The video also has plenty of comedic twists, given the combined talent of Two Minutes and the masters of parody GWAR.

It wraps up a strange yet productive year for all involved. Two Minutes’s covers series has been one of the recurring highlights of a year without concerts, weaving together some of the best socially distanced performances and remote collaborations in any genre.

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Meanwhile, GWAR released a 30th anniversary reissue of Scumdogs of the Universe and made frequent appearances both in the media and on their own virtual platforms. From hilarious political commentary to a blood-soaked drive-in concert to their recent livestream show, GWAR undoubtedly salvaged what was a tough year for Scumdogs and humans alike.

Stream “Stab Into Christmas” below, followed by our Zoom interview with GWAR’s Blothar from earlier this year.

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