Official Led Zeppelin Pinball Machines Announced

The three models, made by Stern Pinball, each feature a 10-song Zeppelin tracklist

Led Zeppelin Pinball Machines
Led Zeppelin Pinball, courtesy of Stern Pinball

Led Zeppelin are the latest band to be immortalized in pinball form. Stern Pinball has announced a new line of machines based on the iconic band, adding to the company’s growing roster of rock-themed units.

If you’re a pinball wizard and a Zeppelin fan, then Stern’s machine might induce giddiness. It’s not only decked out in the band’s imagery — including encased replicas of the Swan Song Icarus mascot and the Hindenburg — but also features audio from 10 tracks: “Good Times Bad Times”, “Whole Lotta Love”, “The Song Remains the Same”, “Rock and Roll”, “Trampled Under Foot”, “Ramble On”, “Kashmir”, “Immigrant Song”, “Black Dog”, and “Communication Breakdown”.

For those who’ve played other Stern creations like Metallica, AC/DC, KISS, and Iron Maiden pinball, then the Led Zeppelin machines’ use of music will feel familiar. As you trigger events and rack up points, the start of each verse and chorus interacts with game mechanics.

“There is nothing more energizing and fun than bringing pinball and music together,” said Stern Chairman and CEO Gary Stern in a press announcement. “Partnering with Led Zeppelin, we created a one-of-a-kind pinball experience. It’s our dream goal to create a pinball machine with this iconic rock band.”

No quarter(s)? The Led Zeppelin machines are available to own outright and come in three model variants. The Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition (of 500) retail for $6,199, $7,799, and $9,199, respectively. All models feature a three-bank of drop targets, three custom steel ramps, and three flippers. Each unit’s 96 intelligent RGB LED lights enable full color spectrum control, like a concert light show, synchronizing and responding dynamically the song that’s currently playing.

The Led Zeppelin cabinet will sure look good next to the recently unveiled Guns N’ Roses’ “Not in This Lifetime” pinball machine. Slash himself helped design it alongside Jersey Jack Pinball, and couldn’t have been happier with the way it turned out, as he told us in our recent interview. One thing’s for sure: arcades — and family rec rooms — are about to get a lot louder.

Watch a trailer for the Led Zeppelin machines below. For more information and to find a distributor, visit Stern Pinball’s website.