COVID-Exorcising Televangelist Goes Heavy Metal in Viral Video: Watch

Guitarist Andres Antunes combines evil riffs with the eccentric sermons of Kenneth Copeland

Heavy Metal Televangelist
“Judgement on COVID-19 goes HEAVY METAL [Kenneth Copeland Remix] [I Demand]”, via YouTube

Fire-and-brimstone televangelist Kenneth Copeland is unlikely to enter the dark embrace of heavy metal anytime soon, but one YouTube guitarist has made a valid argument for the Texas pastor’s prospects as a metal frontman.

Andres Antunes took Copeland’s recent COVID-19 “exorcism” and laid down some riffs under it, creating one of the most chilling and absurd mashups since Metal Trump. Titled “Judgement on COVID-19 goes HEAVY METAL [Kenneth Copeland Remix] [I Demand]”, Antunes’ video is going viral, having already approached 500,000 views.

Copeland’s commanding sermons are terrifying in their own right — especially the COVID one — making Antunes’ decision to combine them with metal riffs all the more genius — and it all syncs up frighteningly well. Put Copeland in corpse paint and plug him into your next black metal project. Now that’s spooky.

It’s not the first time Antunes has “teamed up” with Copeland for a heavy metal throwdown. The prelude to the latest mashup came on Nov. 21 after Joe Biden was declared president elect, the 43-second clip featuring Copeland’s maniacal laughter put to evil guitar riffs.

The videos recall the aforementioned Metal Trump YouTube series, which similarly matched the words of Donald Trump with popular metal songs. Among our other recent most-watched metal clips include this Slipknot song played on a tiny drum set in a fridge and the prolific channel of the young YouTube virtuoso Nandi Bushell (and her sidekick Dave Grohl).

Watch “Judgement on COVID-19 goes HEAVY METAL”, as well as the aforementioned previous clip, below.