Pallbearer’s Joseph D. Rowland Launches Solo Project Hosianna Mantra, Unveils Debut Album: Stream

The seven-song effort is available now

Pallbearer Joseph D. Rowland Solo Project
Joseph D. Rowland / Hosianna Mantra, photo by Elizabeth L. Cline

    Pallbearer bassist and songwriter Joseph D. Rowland has launched a synth-based solo project, Hosianna Mantra, with a seven-song album, Particle Mythology.

    Hosianna Mantra is a definite sonic departure from Rowland’s work in Pallbearer, though it touts the same exploratory sonic approach. The project showcases Rowland’s affinity for progressive electronic music and modern recording technology.

    Indeed, the musician shared a long list of the gear used on Particle Mythology (which can be seen below), and it’s a serious collection that undoubtedly takes some engineering savvy to operate. Taking a step toward the electro-acoustic pioneering of Daniel Lanois, Rowland has proven himself to be just as worthy a soundscapist as he is a metal bassist.


    Previously Rowland appeared as a solo act playing synth-based material opening for bands such as YOB, Spirit Adrift, and Thou. Pallbearer albums, especially their most recent album Forgotten Days, have also used synths tastefully albeit in a more subdued sense, often played on those recordings by Rowland. With Hosianna Mantra, however, he has eschewed the doom metal template for a looser form of expression incorporating elements of ambient, krautrock, and minimalism.

    It adds to a fine year for Rowland and Pallbearer. The latter’s aforementioned 2020 album, Forgotten Days, placed favorably on Heavy Consequence’s year-end list for both songs and albums.

    Particle Mythology is already available digitally via Bandcamp or Amazon. Stream the album and check out the art/tracklist and Rowland’s list of gear below. For more on Rowland, check out our recent interview.


    Particle Mythology Artwork:

    Particle Mythology Tracklist:
    01. Timeline Incursion
    02. Palatial Radiance
    03. Mechanical Ancestry
    04. Particle Mythology
    05. Retrogradient
    06. Psychladic Artifact
    07. Retinal Echoes

    Equipment utilized on Particle Mythology:
    Akai AX60
    Akai XR10
    Arturia Keystep
    Analogue Solutions Europa
    Behringer Pro-1
    Boss DR-110
    Boss DR-220A
    Boss DC-2w
    Boss RPH-10
    Craig 910
    DBX 160VU
    DBX 160XT
    Electro-Harmonix Small Stone
    Ensoniq DP/2
    Eurorack modular system (12u)
    Eventide H3000B
    Kawai K3
    Korg MS-20
    Korg SQ-1
    Lexicon LXP-15II
    Meris Mercury7
    Moog MF Delay
    Morley Sapphire Flanger
    Oberheim Matrix 6R
    PAIA FatMan
    Roland Alpha Juno 1
    Roland JU-06
    Roland JX-3P
    Roland SDE-2500
    Sequential Circuits Six Trak
    Sony DPS-R7
    Sony MXP-29
    Symetrix 501
    Symetrix 606
    Yamaha CS01
    Yamaha D1500
    Yamaha PM-180
    Yamaha QX5
    Yamaha RX11
    Yamaha SPX90
    Yamaha TX81Z


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