Pocahonta Voice Actress Irene Bedard Arrested Twice in Three Days

Officers booked the 53-year-old for domestic violence and disorderly conduct

Irene Bedard of Westworld and Pocahontas fame

    Actress Irene Bedard, best known for voicing Pocahontas in the classic 1995 Disney film, was arrested twice in the span of three days.

    According to TMZ, police responded to a possible domestic violence call last Friday at Bedard’s ex-husband’s home in Ohio. Bedard was reportedly found with a belt in her hand.

    “Look, they sent the white man to come get me!” the 53-year-old Native American actress said of the arriving Beavercreek officers, per TMZ. Her ex-husband claimed a drunken Bedard kicked him and screamed at their teenage son. The incident resulted in Bedard being booked for domestic violence, assault, and resisting arrest.

    Not long after, Bedard was arrested again for allegedly harassing a front desk employee at a hotel. Authorities booked her for disorderly conduct.

    Since her breakout role in Pocahontas, Bedard has appeared on TV shows like Longmire (2012-2015) and Westworld (2018). She also landed a role in JAY-Z’s star-studded music video for “Family Feud” released in 2017.

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