The HU Unleash Mongolian Cover of Metallica’s “Sad But True”: Stream

The inspired cover features traditional Mongolian instruments and throat singing

The HU Metallica Cover

Mongolian act The HU have covered the Metallica classic “Sad But True” in their native tongue, employing both traditional Mongolian instruments and throat singing.

It’s a passionately detailed twist on the catchy metal song, transforming the song’s hook and bouncy riff into something new altogether. It manages to sound like The HU’s other traditional Mongolian folk rock without losing the song’s inherent Metallica-ness. Don’t worry, you can still effectively headbang to it.

“Like millions of people around the world, Metallica has been a huge influence and inspiration for us as music fans and musicians,” The HU’s Galbadrakh “Gala” Tsendbaatar said in a press release. “We admire their 40 years of relentless touring and the timeless, unique music they have created. It is a great honor to show them our respect and gratitude by recording a version of ‘Sad But True’ in our language and in the style of The HU.”

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The HU recently scored U.S. rock radio hits with “Wolf Totem” (featuring Papa Roach’s Jacoby Shaddix) and “Yuve Yuve Yu” (featuring From Ashes to New’s Danny Case). The band’s acclaimed debut album, The Gereg, arrived in 2019.

The cover of “Sad But True” also launches the Better Noise Music label’s “15 Years of Rock” series, which continues throughout 2021. You can stream the song’s video and check out the single artwork below. The track is also available for download here.

“Sad But True” Artwork:


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