The Origin Story of Carlos Santana’s Abraxas

The Opus reads between the liner notes that make up the legendary album

The Opus - Abraxas
The Opus – Abraxas

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    Consequence of Sound and Sony present The Opus, an exploration of legendary albums and their ongoing legacy. For Season 11, host Jill Hopkins (The Moth Chicago, Making Beyoncé podcast) will conjure the enduring magic of Santana’s landmark Abraxas.

    For the second episode, The Opus is curious to know the stories behind the liner notes to Abraxas. Sure, Carlos Santana was the face and name of the band, but he wasn’t the voice and he didn’t make up the totality of their signature sound.

    Of course, a good bandleader knows it’s not always about them, and Santana was no exception to that rule. His crew of players were all virtuosos in reach of their respective areas, and together they created a signature rock ‘n’ roll hybrid.


    But, how did all of this talent find each other? Was San Francisco just teeming with genius in the late ’60s? And, really, how do you write and record a sophomore album, perfect a new genre, all while the entire world is changing before you?


    Join host Jill Hopkins as she continues her journey through Abraxas. Along the way, she’ll hear vital insights from Carlos Santana, in addition to his drummer Michael Shrieve, musicologist Mark Brill, historian Ashley Kahn, and musician AJ Dávila of Davila 666.

    Original music by Tony Piazza.

    Stream above. If you missed past seasons of the series, you can find a full archive of The Opus here. You can also enter our exclusive giveaway to win one (1) SE Santana Singlecut Trem in Egyptian Gold from PRS Guitars and a copy of Abraxas on vinyl.


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