Beatles-Metallica Mashup Band Beatallica Ink Record Deal, New Album Coming This Year

Previous LPs include Masterful Mystery Tour and Abbey Load

Beatallica new record deal and album

The Beatles are arguably the greatest rock act of all time, and Metallica are the biggest metal band ever. Put them together and you have Beatallica, a band that just inked a record deal, with a new album coming later this year.

Beatallica are exactly what their name sounds like, a mashup of the Beatles and Metallica. They’ve actually recorded and released three albums already, but their next one will be their first under a deal with Metal Assault Records, and their first in more than seven years.

As part of the deal, Metal Assault is now selling the band’s first three albums — the humorously titled Sgt. Hetfield’s Motorbreath Pub Band (2007), Masterful Mystery Tour (2009), and Abbey Load (2013) — via Bandcamp.

A statement from Metal Assault reads in part:

“Metal Assault first got introduced to Beatallica in 2010 when the band toured the West Coast and performed at the now defunct Key Club in West Hollywood, putting on the kind of performance only they can. Subsequently, we interviewed Beatallica and kept track of their progress over the years, as they took their show on the road all over the world, garnering a global fanbase, to go with heaps of praise from members of Metallica and the like, as well as from journalists everywhere.”

Beatallica strictly cover Beatles songs with crushing riffs and James Hetfield-like vocals, as opposed to covering Metallica songs in the style of the Beatles. They have fun with the song titles, too, including the cleverly named “Fuel on the Hill”, “Hey Dude”, and “Blackened the U.S.S.R.”

The band has earned acknowledgement from Hetfield himself, who said, “I’m glad there’s people like that in the world,” and guitarist Kirk Hammett, who remarked, “I think it’s cool when people do shit like that.”

While Beatallica continue to work on their fourth album, listen to their previous LPs in the YouTube playlists below.



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