COVID-19 Conspiracy Theorists Thought Guitar Pedal Was a 5G Chip Blueprint

An alleged diagram for a 5G chip implanted into vaccines was actually the schematics for a BOSS Metal Zone

COVID Conspiracy Theorists Thought Boss Metal Zone Was 5G Chip

In the latest edition of reality being more absurd than our wildest imaginations, COVID-19 conspiracy theorists tricked themselves into thinking that the electrical schematics of a common guitar pedal were the master plans behind 5G mind control.

It’s literally as ridiculous as it sounds, but here’s the context. In case you’re blissfully unaware, there’s a dangerously prevalent theory abound that the new towers for 5G cellphone service are responsible for spreading COVID-19. In fact, federal agents are investigating whether anti-5G sentiments could have been a potential motive for the Christmas Day Nashville bombing, which went down right near an AT&T building.

This baseless connection between an airborne disease and a cellphone service obviously has real-world implications, but believers are getting desperate to find proof to back up their claims. A few days ago, a software engineer tweeted that people in Italy were sharing an image that they claimed to be a diagram proving that 5G chips were being implanted in the COVID-19 vaccine. To someone who’s never worked on an electronic device before, the crude map of mysterious numbers and letters could be mistaken for anything.

In actuality, it was a blueprint for the interior wiring of a BOSS MT-2 Metal Zone guitar pedal. That’s right. People thought that wires for devastating effects like treble, bass, and volume were from a “confidential” diagram explaining how scientists are poisoning the population with the drug that saves them from a deadly virus.

The whole thing is preposterous, but the funniest part about the face-palm-inducing episode is that the schematics were for a BOSS Metal Zone. The Guitar Center used bin staple is a pedal that’s been a longtime meme in the guitar world for how bad (or amazing, depending who you ask) it sounds. It’s the pedal that you get your 13-year-old to pair with their Line 6 amp and beginners’ Stratocaster, and it’s absolutely hilarious that grown adults thought its insides were the key to their idiotic conspiracies.

Naturally, Twitter had a ball with it.


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