Jeff Rosenstock Shares New Song “Illegal Fireworks And Hiding Bottles In The Sand”: Stream

He also released an acoustic track with Laura Stevenson called "Caring"

Jeff Rosenstock Illegal Fireworks And Hiding Bottles In The Sand new song music Jeff Rosenstock, photo via Instagram/@jeffrosenstock

With mere hours to go until New Years Eve, Jeff Rosenstock dropped not one, but two (!) brand new songs to bid farewell to 2020. They’re called “Illegal Fireworks And Hiding Bottles In The Sand” and “Caring”, and you can stream them below via Bandcamp.

Technically “Caring” hit the web first on December 30th. The acoustic duet sees him teaming up with his old bandmate and longtime friend Laura Stevenson for a sweet ballad about writer’s block, longing, and trying to get your creative muscles going again.

“Illegal Fireworks And Hiding Bottles In The Sand” followed suit on New Year’s Eve. Over fuzzy, warm, reverb-drenched shoegaze, Rosenstock sings about the comfort of falling asleep to the thought of a loved one. It’s a completely different sound than the previous song, but it’s sweet nonetheless — and apparently it’s been in the works for quite a long time now.

“Kinda new! You might be familiar with it! You might not! I don’t know your life,” said Rosenstock when sharing the track. “It’s been years that I’ve had this song rattling around my head, waiting for the right time to turn it into a real thing. And I guess the right time was two days ago!”

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Both “Caring” and “Illegal Fireworks And Hiding Bottles In The Sand” have been tacked onto 2020 DUMP, the demos EP-turned-LP that he put out earlier this fall. That collection follows Rosenstock’s excellent 2020 studio album NO DREAM, which he surprise released last May.


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