K-Pop Stans Hijack #ImpeachBidenNow Hashtag Like Total Pros

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's plan backfired

K-pop stans impeach Biden

When there’s something hateful spreading on Twitter, who are you gonna call to drown it out? The K-Pop stans, of course. After batshit crazy Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene said she introduced articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden, a swarm of K-Pop fans quickly took over the #ImpeachBidenNow hashtag to dominate it with clips of their favorite music stars.

#ImpeachBidenNow started to churn after Green, a QAnon enthusiast, uploaded a video of herself discussing the impeachment articles she just dropped off. “I’ve just filed articles of impeachment on president Joe Biden, we will see how this goes,” she tweeted. “President Joe Biden is unfit to hold the office of the presidency. His pattern of abuse of power as President Obama’s vice president is lengthy and disturbing.”

Without wasting a beat, K-Pop fans fired up their Twitter accounts and got to work reversing the look of the trending hashtag. The tweets populating the #ImpeachBidenNow discourse went from a bunch of guys in Oakley knockoffs and American flag avatars to a nonstop flood of BLACKPINK memes, ENHYPEN photos, and Loona videos.

“#ImpeachBidenNow I think it’s a great time to bring back this masterpiece,” tweeted one fan, who linked to a video of BLACKPINK dancing over a map of Biden’s presidential ballot wins. That pairing is all the more perfect when you remember that they’re responsible for one of the best songs of 2020, the same year Donald Trump lost the election to Biden.

With all of the practice K-Pop fans have had when it comes to flooding topical hashtags, it’s no wonder they were able to swiftly drown out the ignorance of #ImpeachBidenNow. Last year alone, they stopped #WhiteLivesMatter racism from trending on social media, disrupted city police forces’ attempts to gather information on protestors, and put a halt to white supremacist gimmicks by 4chan trolls.

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Honestly, it’s starting to look like there’s nothing K-Pop fans can’t do when it comes to racial and social justice efforts. Case and point: that time BTS gave a $1 million donation to Black Lives Matter and the BTS Army matched that amount in split donations by starting a hashtag of their own. They’re devoted, they’re extremely online, and they’re always down to use their forces for good.

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