The Babadook Is A Terrifying Metaphor for Depression

Psychoanalysis kicks off 2021 with a new theme via Jennifer Kent’s 2014 horror film

The Babadook Is A Terrifying Metaphor for Depression

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Psychoanalysis is a weekly series on the Consequence Podcast Network that takes an in-depth look at a mental health topic through the lens of horror.

“You can’t get rid of the Babadook”

Today, Lara, Mike, and Jenn are embarking on a new theme by tackling Jennifer Kent’s brilliant metaphor for depression, 2014’s The Babadook. All three hosts have strong emotional attachments to the film and share their personal journeys with depression.

Mike breaks down its symptoms and manifestations. Lara discusses the effective creature origin and design. Jenn shares her experiences parenting with a mental illness.

The conversation is heavy at times, given the subject matter, and this episode mentions self-harm and suicide. They also discuss the fantastic performances of Essie Davis and Noah Wiseman, the puzzling response to Samuel’s character, and the film’s powerful ending. As always, they’ll end on an uplifting moment of grounding and self-care.

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