Smino Unveils New Song “MLK Dr”: Stream

A weed song that's strangely preoccupied with Martin Luther King, Jr.

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A stoned Smino encounters an extra-terrestrial near Martin Luther King Blvd. on his new song “MLK Dr”.

This funky ode to sticky icky is a remarkable track made strange by a truly bonkers music video. “Maybe we shouldn’t be getting this high,” Smino begins, as is voice is joined by a heavenly choir. From there, he goes on a cosmic journey. “I just seen a Martian right off Martin Luther King,” he says, “Said his lover-craft just caught a flat, like bitch just fix the streets.” The short, 90-second strut climaxes with a giddy beat-box breakdown, and throughout, Smino rolls, puffs, and jokes like only he can. “Off two glasses like a pair of geeks,” he spits, “Laughing I’m living in a parody/ Mac’n like Bernie gotta a pair of freaks.”

The accompanying visuals were animated by Oliver Fredericksen. It starts, as the lyrics suggest, with a car catching a flat tire. The driver steps out of the vehicle, and is revealed to be a blue alien that looks suspiciously like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., but with a prominently placed third eye, wink-wink. A cartoon Smino offers to help. He re-inflates the tire by blowing weed at it, then offers a blunt to his new blue friend. After M.L. Kang hits the joint, the session continues inside the car, which soon gets them high literally by launching into space. It’s hard to be certain that the real Dr. King would approve, but if you’re spending the holiday with no work, just vibes, then “MLK Dr” offers some engrossing cosmic company. Check out the video below.

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Last year, Smino dropped the mixtape She Already DecidedSince then, he’s shared the singles “Baguetti”with J.I.D. and Kenny Beats, “Backstage Pass” with Monte Booker and The Drums, and hopped on Thundercat’s “Dragonball Durag” remix. Expect more new music on the horizon; in a statement announcing the song, Smino and his team wrote, “Get ready for his next project soon.”


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