Snoop Dogg Tells CNN All the Places He’s Gotten High At

Yes, Snoop has smoked up at a bris

Snoop Dogg getting high CNN

If you happened to turn off CNN once the clock struck midnight on 2021, then you missed some absolutely incredible television involving Snoop Dogg rattling off a list of all the places where he’s gotten high at… as CNN’s Anderson Cooper laughed uncontrollably in the background.

Cooper, who by then was heavily inebriated, could’t contain himself as Snoop admitted to lighting up at prominent locations like the White House, the CNN building in Hollywood, the Oscars, an NFL game, and the DMV. “What is happening?” Cooper giggled as his co-host Andy Cohen continued to quiz the rapper. “Have you gotten high… at a bar mitzvah?” asked Cohen, to which Cooper exclaimed, “Where am I? Where am I?”

Cooper eventually laughed himself out of frame entirely when Cohen asked Snoop if he ever smoked up at a bris. “Yes, yes, yes!” Snoop proudly replied. “This is the Dogg of all Doggs we’re talking about, Andy!”

Given Snoop’s vast chronicology (get it?), it’s no wonder he employees a full-time professional blunt roller.

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