Weezer Release New Single “All My Favorite Songs”: Stream

The opening track to the band's new album OK Human


Earlier this week, Weezer announced a new album called OK Human. Today, the band is giving fans a first glimpse of what’s to come with a single called “All My Favorite Songs”.

Throughout their history, Weezer have experimented with synths, different vocal approaches, and many unique styles of rock music, but at the end of the day they’ve always been a guitar/bass/drums rock band. Until now.

Frontman Rivers Cuomo wrote the songs for OK Human on piano in the style of Harry Nilsson. The band then enlisted a 38-piece (!) orchestra to shape them into some of the most grandiose arrangements in their entire songbook.

“All My Favorite Songs” is record’s opening track, and it certainly sets the tone for this iteration of the group. It begins with a lilting glockenspiel, but then the strings kick in and Cuomo is belting a ’70s pop-inspired melody over ornate violin strokes. It’s one of the more immediately catchy hooks that Weezer have written in recent years, but the lyrics are filled with classic Cuomo-isms.

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“All my favorite songs are slow and sad/ All my favorite people make me mad/ Everything that feels so good is bad,” he croons earnestly on the hook. “I want to be rich, but I feel guilty/ I fall in love with, everyone who hates me,” continues Cuomo during the verse. It’s goofy and corny and over-the-top, but when have Weezer not been that?

Check out the lead single and its accompanying music video below.

OK Human is set for a January 29th release date. After that, Weezer will return to promoting their previously announced full-length Van Weezer. The metal-inspired project was postponed due to the pandemic, but is now set to drop May 7th.

In the spirit of big announcements, the band also cautiously rescheduled their “Hella Mega Tour” with Green Day and Fall Out Boy for Summer 2021. Recent research has suggested that if the vaccine rollout goes as planned, then that might actually be a possibility, so purchasing tickets isn’t a complete shot in the dark.


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