The Office Shares Previously Unreleased Matrix Prank From the Finale: Watch

Jim and Pam trick Dwight one last time

The Office finale cold open new video previously unreleased unseen Dwight Michael (NBC)

When the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve, The Office officially switched over from Netflix to Peacock, NBC’s new streaming platform. That transition may have come as a shock to some fans, but it also comes with plenty of welcome surprises. Case in point: NBC has shared a previously unreleased cold open from The Office’s finale that sees Dwight falling for a ridiculous prank.

In the clip, which lasts nearly five minutes, Jim and Pam join forces to trick Dwight into thinking he’s living in the real-world version of The Matrix. He witnesses the same cat run by twice, his computer spontaneously produces a prompt with that iconic green font, and two mysterious men in sunglasses appear in the Dunder Mifflin office. Unsurprisingly, Dwight geeks out and runs away as ordered — and straight into Hank the security guard, AKA the late Hugh Dane, who does one hell of a Laurence Fishburne impression.

Scattered throughout the video is audio of Jim and Pam breaking down how they pulled off the elaborate prank. It’s hilariously over the top and everyone nails their parts, a combination which begs the question: Why the hell didn’t they use this clip in The Office?! Who knows, but at least it gets to unofficially join the ranks as one of the show’s best cold opens to date. Watch it below.

Apparently this is just the first of many bonus features Peacock plans on rolling out. The new streamer is offering tons of extra content for The Office, including The Office: Superfan Episodes — extended cuts that will hit Peacock over the coming months — as well as bloopers, mini features, cast and crew interviews, theme-based episode collections, and playlists of the show’s best moments, reports Mashable. There’s even an ambient noise channel that mirrors the real-life sounds of an office (!) and an early Windows-style desktop website stuffed with dozens of Easter eggs.

Originally it looked like Peacock wanted to reboot The Office, but not everybody was onboard to do so. Instead, they’ve offered this plethora of bonus content, which is a genuinely solid alternative for the cost. For complete access to everything Peacock has to offer, you can pay $4.99 a month with ads or $9.99 a month without ads. There’s also a free option, which includes ads and offers limited access to the steamer’s content.

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As we bid farewell to 2020, it’s worth reminiscing on all The Office treats it gifted us: a giant cast reunion for a virtual wedding, an oral history as told by Kevin Malone, a Stanley spin-off series, and some cute Fisher-Price toys. Perhaps the biggest deal of all, though, was finally learning what the contents of Jim’s teapot note were.

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