Alice Cooper Gets COVID Vaccine, Reveals He Previously Contracted Coronavirus

The rocker and his wife served as volunteers at a vaccination facility in Phoenix

Sheryl and Alice Cooper get vaccinated

Alice Cooper and his wife Sheryl received their COVID-19 vaccinations in Phoenix, Arizona. While at the facility, the 73-year-old legendary shock rocker revealed that both he and Sheryl had previously contracted coronavirus.

As reported by the Arizona Republic, the couple filmed a PSA of sorts at the vaccination facility, where they both served as volunteers with the Maricopa County Department of Public Health Medical Reserve Corps. With his arm around Sheryl, the rock veteran remarked, “Alice and Sheryl here. We’re out here getting vaccinated. We’ve already had COVID but we got vaccinated anyways.” Sheryl interjected, “It was a painless vaccination.”

Alice went on to mention Team Rubicon, a nonprofit organization that recruits military veterans to help first responders in times of need, quipping, “We’re out here with Team Rubicon, who’s a great band. I have all their albums. They’re really one of the best bands I’ve ever heard.”

Team Rubicon’s Phoenix communications coordinator, Rich Mogull, commented, “It was great. The Coopers showed up and none of these volunteers knew they were going to be there. They got autographs and got to talk to Alice and his wife.”

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This year is shaping up to be a busy one for Alice Cooper, who is set to release his new album, Detroit Stories, on February 26th. He unveiled the LP’s latest single, “Social Debris”, in celebration of his 73rd birthday on February 4th.

Watch Alice and Sheryl discussing their vaccinations in the video below, and pre-order Detroit Stories here.


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