Alice Phoebe Lou Shares New Song “Dirty Mouth”: Stream

Former Artist of the Month releases her new album Glow on March 19th

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Alice Phoebe Lou in “Dirty Mouth” video

Alice Phoebe Lou is ready to speak her mind on the new song “Dirty Mouth”. It’s the latest single from her upcoming third album Glowdue out in March.

“Dirty Mouth” kicks off with warm and sunny guitars. But as the lyrics make clear, the warmth comes from a lack of inhibition rather than pleasant feelings. “I got tough,” she sings, “‘Cause I had enough/ I was a girl with a big heart/ And they really roughed me up.” Her own sense of freedom comes with a warning to others. “Do you still really/ Wanna mess with me?” she wonders, warning her would-be detractors that, “I’ve got a dirty mouth/ I’m not gonna wash it out.”

In a statement, our former Artist of the Month explained the meaning behind the song. She wrote,

“’Dirty Mouth’ is an upbeat punk banger with a badass attitude begging you to dance around your room naked and scream out what you really feel. The words are written from an uninhibited, no bullshit, part of myself that I often hide with manners, pleasantries & politeness. It’s a big smiling middle finger to the men that have pulled me down, used me & hurt me in ways that took me years to heal. Asking for what I want. Saying how I feel. Not holding back.”

The song comes with a homemade video filmed in her hometown of Kommetjie, South Africa. APL dances along the beach at the Golden Hour, running through the sand, throwing herself in the water, and shredding her guitar. It’s an ode to freedom that belies the anger in the lyrics, and you can check it out below.

Glow arrives March 19th. Previously, she shared the single “Witches” and spoke to Consequence of Sound about the Origins of “Dusk”. Last year, she released her Live at Funkhaus album.