Amigo the Devil Unleashes New Song “Quiet as a Rat”: Stream

Dark Americana folk artist's new album Born Against arrives April 16th

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Amigo the Devil in “Quiet as a Rat” video

Dark Americana artist Amigo the Devil has unveiled the new song “Quiet as a Rat”.

Born Danny Kiranos, Amigo the Devil is the Edward Gorey of folk music, with an old-fashioned style and a taste for the macabre enlivened by pitch-black humor. For “Quiet as a Rat” he turns his attention to questions of doubt and faith, and here it’s God who remains unsettlingly silent. The point is made with a series of suffering souls, from a bullied boy, to a “girl at the bar,” who “overdosed in a photo booth,” and a man who “taped a hospital bill to the dashboard/ kissed the ring on his finger/ and drove himself to eternity.”

As Kiranos explained in a statement:

“Faith without doubt seems unhealthy. It’s an extreme that leaves no room for growth and honest learning, only the mindless repetition of old and sometimes hateful traditions. ‘Quiet as a Rat’ explores the bridge between faith and doubt, nurture and abandon…the fine line between belief and control. It plays to the true value of our spirit and whether we have a purpose to find or if we are the purpose and are simply here to be used and forgotten. You know…real fun stuff.”

The track comes with a video from Courtney and Ray Gauger, and it aims to make the phrase “gallows humor” literal. The imagery is strikingly stark, and some of the situations seem more than a little uncomfortable. Watch the “Quiet as a Rat” video below, and stick around until the end to see how they accomplished the dirt-and-box trick, only to realize that holy shit, it’s not a trick, Kiranos actually tortured himself.

The song appears on Amigo the Devil’s upcoming album Born Against, which comes into this world April 16th via Liars Club/Regime Music Group. He first previewed the album by stepping into “Another Man’s Grave”.