Cannibal Corpse Expose Human Organ Trafficking in Video for “Inhumane Harvest”: Watch

The new album Violence Unimagined arrives April 16th

Cannibal Corpse video Inhumane Harvest

As Cannibal Corpse prepare to unleash their new album Violence Unimagined on April 16th, the death metal pioneers have now offered up an unsettling video for the recently released first single “Inhumane Harvest”.

Cannibal Corpse have always penned gory lyrics, but in this case the song’s words actually detail a serious criminal issue. “Inhumane Harvest” and its accompanying music video offer a disturbing look at the appalling underground illegal human organ trade.

“‘Inhumane Harvest’ takes a look inside one of organized crime’s more sinister activities: the human organ trade,” guitarist Rob Barrett said in a press release. “Desperate buyers will pay a high price for a much-needed organ transplant to either save themselves or a loved one from certain death, which makes for a lucrative business in underground crime rings.”

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As per usual, the band turns in a crushing, filthy track. Singer George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher’s death growls narrate the clandestine activities of the black market trade, and the macabre “true crime” video leaves little to the imagination, complete with surgical organ extractions. Viewer discretion is advised.

“Inhumane Harvest” is the first Cannibal Corpse song we’ve heard featuring new guitarist Erik Rutan. The latter replaced troubled guitarist Pat O’Brien, whose future with the band became uncertain after a bizarre 2018 incident that involved alleged arson and assault, as well as 80 firearms and three human skulls found in his home.

Watch the music video for “Inhumane Harvest” below. Pre-order Violence Unimagined via Metal Blade and Amazon.


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