Claud Unveils New Song “Guard Down”: Stream

The Saddest Factory artist will release their debut album Super Monster this Friday

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Claud, photo by Angela Ricciardi

    We’re days away from Super Monster, the highly-anticipated debut album from Claud. Now, the first artist signed to Phoebe Bridgers’ Saddest Factory label has gifted fans with one final peek behind the curtain with a new song called “Guard Down”.

    Co-written with Cameron Hale and Mary Weitz, the song kicks off with an eclectic drum riff that sets the stage for whimsy and fun. Claud unveils another catchy melody, using the sunny topline as a Trojan Horse for a tale of unrequited love. “Don’t let your guard down,” they sing over and over again, “Don’t let your guard down.”

    In a statement, Claud explained the emotions behind the song, writing,

    “I have the hardest time opening up and letting my guard down. When I wrote this song, I had just found out somebody I had feelings for started seeing someone else and my immediate emotional response was to convince myself I didn’t care, even though I really did. The verses and chorus sort of make fun of how I keep myself closed off, but my rap towards the end of the song is a super honest stream of consciousness.”


    The song comes with an animated music video. Claud’s avatar (you can tell by the blue and green hair) is pulled out of isolation by a cute friend. Cartoon Claud looks at their companion with hearts in their eyes, but said companion stares back with regular old pupils. From there, our hero is sent on a psychedelic, sometimes frustrating, but always entertaining adventure. Check out “Guard Down” below.

    Super Monster comes at you February 12th. Previously, Claud shared the singles “Gold”, “Soft Spot”,  and “Cuff Your Jeans”

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