Chappelle’s Show Returns to Netflix with Dave Chappelle’s Blessing

In a new clip, the comedian discusses his beef with Comedy Central, the storming of the Capitol, and his recent bout with coronavirus

Dave Chappelle
Dave Chappelle, photo via Netflix

Chappelle’s Show is back on Netflix — this time with the blessing of Dave Chappelle. As of February 12th, all three seasons of Chappelle’s beloved comedy series are streaming on the platform.

Chappelle announced the news at the end of a new clip uploaded to Instagram. Taken from a recent standup set in Austin, Chappelle explained why he went to Netflix shortly after the streamer added Chappelle’s Show to its library last last year, and asked them to take the episodes down. It all stems back to his beef with the show’s original home, Comedy Central, who seemingly licensed Chappelle’s Show to Netflix without Chappelle’s knowledge.

“A few weeks ago I put a special out called Unforgiven — I told people what my beef was with Comedy Central,” Chappelle remarked. “I demanded that the network pay me, and many of my peers laughed at me because that’s a ridiculous thing to demand. They said, ‘Well you signed the contract so what are you mad about?’ Here’s the thing, I’m very good at minding my own business, and the trick to minding your own business is knowing what’s your business.”

“I want to thank Ted Sarandos at Netflix, who had the courage to take my show of its platform to financial detriment of his company, just because I asked,” Chappelle added. “And I want to thank Chris McCarthy of CBS/Viacom… who has an interest in making the past right. And finally after all these years, I can finally say to Comedy Central, it’s been a pleasure doing business with you.”

As a result, Chappelle has now come to terms with Netflix on a new deal that brings Chappelle’s Show back to the streamer.

Elsewhere in the clip, which is called “Redemption Song”, Chappelle discussed the storming of the U.S. Capitol on January 6th. “Who’s the terrorist now that they’re looking for? It’s you, not me. Not my Black Muslim ass, it’s you. Who are they militarizing the police for? They didn’t called the National Guard on my Black ass. It’s you.”

“White people felt what Black people have been feeling for 400 years for 30 minutes, and they stormed the Capitol and rubbed their shit on the walls,” he opined. “They carried a fucking Confederate flag through the rotunda — the Confederate army didn’t even do that. Motherfuckers, you went very far. There’s a simple question: Do you have a country or not, and you said no. We’re in quite the pickle, aren’t we?”

Chappelle also addressed his recent bout with coronavirus, which caused him to postpone his multi-night standup residency in Austin. “You may have seen in the news that I caught coronavirus recently, and I did. Oops! I did. Because in the beginning of the pandemic, I talked to a guy in the live entertainment business and I said, ‘When can we go back to work?’ He said, ‘Probably sometime in 2022.’ And I said, ‘There’s no fucking way I can wait that long.’ And I just tried to find a way to work.”

“And after all these months doing these shows, goddamnit — my number was up and then I had the rona.” Cowards rejoice in a time like this because they’re so invested in being afraid. When I said I had the coronavirus, the overwhelming majority of people wished me well. But there was a faction of people, the cowards, who said, ‘You see that, Dave Chappelle? That’s why we stay inside where it’s safe, and we never try anything.’ Well, enjoy yourselves motherfuckers, because I’m better now.”

Watch the full clip below.