Dave Grohl Defends Phoebe Bridgers’ SNL Guitar Smash: “It Feels Fucking Good to Do It”

Foo Fighters also react to their Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nomination during a Wednesday morning appearance on Howard Stern Show

Foo Fighters Phoebe Bridgers
Dave Grohl / Phoebe Bridgers

    In the ongoing feud between Phoebe Bridgers and David Crosby over her decision to smash a guitar on Saturday Night Live this past weekend, Dave Grohl is siding with Bridgers. During an appearance on Howard Stern Show Wednesday morning, Grohl was asked to weigh in on the ongoing Twitter spat between the two musicians. (If you missed the drama yesterday, Crosby called Bridgers’ actions “pathetic” and questioned her songwriting abilities, to which Bridgers responded by calling him a “little bitch.”)

    Grohl prefaced his comments by saying he’s just glad that the guitar is back at the forefront of popular music making: “First of all — you have to understand that for the last 10 years, every interview I do I’m asked, ‘Is rock and roll dead? There’s no guitars anymore!’ So in the last year, there’s been this return to guitar rock music in popular music — like, Miley Cyrus is becoming Joan Jett…. You’re starting to see, people are realizing rock and roll is cool.”

    Speaking of Bridgers’ SNL appearance, Grohl said, “I saw that performance — I actually talked to my mom about.” “‘Did you see Saturday Night Live?’ he recalled his mother asking him. “‘I said, yeah.’ She goes, ‘What did you think about that girl Phoebe?’ I’m like, ‘she’s got a beautiful voice, she can really sing.’ My mother was like, ‘I loved it, I thought she was great!'”


    “When you watch us jam and freak out and do our thing… I think that’s what they did,” Grohl said of Bridgers and her band. He went on to liken it to his own early days in Nirvana: “It was every fucking night. My drums had holes in them from Kurt [Cobain] fucking chopping my drums,” he recalled.

    “I’ve seen enough smashed guitars,” Grohl added, “it feels fucking good to do it.”

    Elsewhere during the chat, Foo Fighters briefly touched on their nomination to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which was announced early Wednesday morning. “In all honesty, does that turn you guys on, or does it really not matter? Is it bullshit?” Stern asked the band. “It’s the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, it’s not bullshit at all,” said Nate Mendel. “It’s an honor, it sounds like the political answer, but it’s true.”

    Asked who the band would want to induct them into the Hall, Grohl suggested Stewart Copeland of The Police. “To be honest, this band started with this demo tape I did,” Grohl said. “I called it ‘Foo Fighters’ because I didn’t want anyone to know it was me… Coming out of Nirvana, I didn’t want to say I had a solo project. One of the reasons I did that was because when I was young, someone gave me a record from someone named Klark Kent. It sounded a lot like The Police, because it was actually Stewart Copeland, the drummer of The Police. He made this record under the name ‘Klark Kent.’ That’s really the thing that inspired me to start the band and call it Foo Fighters. I think Stu would be a great guy to induct the band.”


    Pat Smear, meanwhile, suggested that Grohl’s mother should induct the band.

    Foo Fighters’ conversation with Stern touched on a number of other topics, including their new album Medicine at Midnight, hanging out with Prince Harry, dealing with fame, life in quarantine, and more. They also played several songs from their new album. You can listen to the full segment via SiriusXM.

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