Diplo Headlined a Super Bowl Super-Spreader Party and Played Morgan Wallen: Watch

The same venue hosted Steve Aoki just the night before

Diplo, photo by Marcus Ingram, Getty Images for E11EVEN Miami

America: the land of the free to not give a damn about holding each other accountable. In more evidence that this is a country that not only can’t have nice things but doesn’t even seem to want them, Diplo threw a massive pre-Super Bowl party/super-spreader event in Tampa where he played Morgan Wallen.

Just like Tom Brady is still winning rings in 2021, the pandemic is still here. Yet Florida was so excited to host a Super Bowl being played by one of its home teams that it completely ignored that latter fact — that is, more so than usual. The WTR Tampa Pool hosted pre-game events all weekend, with Steve Aoki on Friday and Diplo on Saturday. As can be seen in video obtained by TMZ, COVID-19 precautions were utterly nonexistent for the 2,000-capacity crowds.

Clips show almost completely maskless audiences milling about like they were at a bar in 2019. They crowd the stage and sing along, opening their gaping virus spreaders to catch a drop of champagne sprayed by Aoki.

Somehow, though, it got even worse, as Diplo chose to spin “Heartless”, his collaboration with Morgan Wallen. The country star found himself in a heap of trouble recently after being caught on video drunkenly using the n-word. Despite being dropped by country radio, having his record contract suspended, and being barred from the Academy of Country Music, the general public appears to actually be rallying around the should-be-disgraced musician. Not only is Diplo playing his music at super-spreader events, his record sales have actually skyrocketed, giving him the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart for the fourth week running.

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For more proof that Wallen’s behavior is deemed not only something to forgive but apparently champion in 2021’s United States of America (as if we haven’t paid any attention to the last half decade), just look at those singing, smiling, drunken faces in the video below. Who cares about spreading a little highly contagious disease when you can get your rocks off to racist country music stars at a Tampa bar at one in the morning?


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