Eyehategod Unleash New Song “Built Beneath the Lies”: Stream

The sludge metal band's new album A History of Nomadic Behavior arrives March 12th

Eyehategod New Song Built "Beneath the Lies"
Eyehategod, photo by Jon Hadusek

    Eyehategod have shared a new single, “Built Beneath the Lies”, from their highly anticipated album, A History of Nomadic Behavior, out March 12th.

    With each new single, the NOLA vets have offered another catchy slice of grooving sludge metal. “Built Beneath the Lies” is driven by a fuzzy riff and has a more hectic punk approach — the aural backdrop for some seriously filthy vocals from Mike IX Williams.

    “’Built Beneath the Lies’ is another acidic Eyehategod song playing in the background while the back alleys burn with nervous alcoholic tension and people all over cancel their summer plans to stare at the wall,” Williams said of the track in his typically sardonic manner.

    Williams’ vocals are placed high in the mix, giving added emphasis to the lyrics. Once again, the words and title of the song are laced with political commentary. It’s new territory for the typically a-political band, but not too surprising considering A History of Nomadic Behavior was written in the tumultuous years since Eyehategod’s last album in 2011.


    The band hit the road hard during that span, informing the album’s title and overcoming health issues along the way, as Williams suffered a liver failure and transplant in the years prior.

    “We toured our asses off for three years and that’s where A History of Nomadic Behavior basically comes from,” Williams said in the initial press release. “Death is a part of life, it’s a roll of the dice. Sometimes you take life as it comes, other times you fight to stay alive.”

    The album was produced by Eyehategod, Sanford Parker, and James Whitten, who also mixed the LP. It will be available in a variety of vinyl color variants (some have already sold out), on CD, and across digital platforms.

    Pre-order A History of Nomadic Behavior via Century Media or Amazon. Listen to “Built Beneath the Lies” below.

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