Polo G Pops Off on New Song “GNF (OKOKOK)”: Stream

Produced by WIZARDMCE and Varohl

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Polo G, image via Twitter/@Polo_Capalot

    The king of Chicago drill, Polo G, is holding court on his new song “GNF (OKOKOK)”.

    The 21-year-old rapper made his name on 2019’s Die a Legend by adding accessible melodies to the hardest hip-hop movement of the decade. His excellent follow-up, 2020’s The Goat, was, if anything, even more tuneful. But he saves the singing for his Glocks on his first single of 2021. “GNF (OKOKOK)” is a windows-down banger produced by WIZARDMCE and Varohl. The track derives it’s energy from his call-and-response flow. He starts with a restrained tone — “If 12 come up, we gon’ take ’em on the chase” — and closes the phrase with a shouted “I ain’t give no fuck!”  He reverts back to self-control for, “Just a cold heart and a banger on my waist,” then brings it thunderingly home with “Them Glocks gon’ bust!” Check out “GNF (OKOKOK) below.

    Last September, Polo G made his late night debut performing “Martin and Gina” on Fallon and dropped the gun violence ballad “Epidemic”.

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