Pretenders’ Chrissie Hynde Unveils New Signature Fender Telecaster Guitar

The blue Telecaster is modeled after a guitar that she acquired nearly 40 years ago

Pretenders Chrissie Hynde Signature Model Telecaster
Chrissie Hynde Signature Telecaster (courtesy of Fender), Chrissie Hynde (photo by Christie Goodwin)

    Chrissie Hynde of the The Pretenders has teamed up with Fender for a new signature model Telecaster.

    The new guitar is modeled after Hynde’s own Telecaster, which she acquired nearly 40 years ago in New York City. The guitar is striking both visually, with its unique blue tint, and aurally, as it boasts the “churning Tele rhythm” captured on many of the Pretenders classic songs.

    The guitar is the latest entry in Fender’s Artist Signature Series, which specializes in true-to-life replicas of iconic guitars, right down to the electronics and physical wear of the original instrument.

    “My guitar tech, David Crubly, convinced me to launch a Fender Signature Telecaster by telling me it might encourage more people to get into bands and music,” Hynde said of the partnership in a press announcement. “I hope that’s true and know that those who do, won’t look back.”


    The signature model guitar has an alder body with a road-worn ice blue metallic lacquer. Electronically, it has ‘50s-style single-coil pickups voiced to match those of Hynde’s original. Other features include a stainless steel barrel saddle bridge, custom mid-’60s C-shaped maple neck, a 7.25-inch radius fingerboard, and a striking chrome mirror pickguard. In all, Fender has reproduced nearly every detail of Hynde’s original Tele.

    “It was a true honor to bring the Chrissie Hynde Telecaster to life,” said Justin Norvell of EVP Fender Products. “This guitar is as legendary as the artist who inspired its namesake and personalized design features. Chrissie really wanted this model to be as faithful as possible to its original, and she was right to – this Telecaster is packed full of features that punch.”

    The guitar retails for $1,399.99 USD. For more information, visit Fender’s website. You can purchase the Chrissie Hynde Telecaster via Reverb.


    Chrissie Hynde Telecaster

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