Terminator 2: Judgment Day Is Action Horror Perfection

Psychoanalysis takes comfort in the greatest action movie of all time

Terminator 2: Judgment Day Is Action Horror Perfection
Psychoanalysis – Terminator 2

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Psychoanalysis is a weekly series on the Consequence Podcast Network that takes an in-depth look at a mental health topic through the lens of horror.

“The future’s not set. There’s no fate but what we make for ourselves.”

Today, Jenn Adams and Mike Snoonian are joined by Lindsay Traves of The Pod and the Pendulum for a comfort horror episode on James Cameron’s action horror masterpiece, Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

They’ll need your boots, your clothes, and your motorcycle for this conversation about iconic moments, special effects, and storytelling through action. They’ll also discuss machines as father figures, depictions of motherhood in the ’80s and ’90s, and the concept of destiny in relation to time itself. Because, if a podcast can learn the value of human life, maybe we can, too.

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