Azealia Banks Sold an Audio Sex Tape as an NFT for $18,000

Perhaps the first erotic artwork to become a Non-Fungible Token

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Azealia Banks

What’s that fucking sound? Why, it’s “I FUCKED RYDER RIPPS”, an audio-only sex tape by rapper Azealia Banks that just sold as a blockchain NFT for over $18,000 (via Vice).

The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) was created by the titular Mr. Ripps and posted on the Ethereum blockchain for 10.00 ETH. At the time of this writing, 1.00 ETH is worth about $1,827.08, which brings the total haul for the heavy breathing to $18,270.80.

Now, that 24 minutes and 22 seconds of light cardio belongs to Bond villain user Rulton Fyder, who has the right to do anything they want with it, from whacking off, to helping others whack off, to playing it at parties while passing out drinks. As Banks and Ripps wrote in the product description,

“This sale is for the full rights and sole access to the first audio sex-tape to be minted on the blockchain. Recorded in February 2021 by Azealia Banks and boyfriend, Ryder Ripps, this sound based artwork is sure to titillate for its full 24:22 duration. Upon purchase, a WAV file will be delivered to the buyer in addition to a 1 of 1 signed LP vinyl record. Full ownership, including limitless distribution and display rights are included in this sale. Don’t miss out on this historic & sexy event.”

NFTs are essentially a type of cryptocurrency, like a Bitcoin that represents art instead of money, and if none of those words make sense then be sure to check out our guide. As cryptocurrency markets have grown, these tokens have become increasingly common; just this month, Grimes sold a collection that included new songs and Kings of Leon released a whole album as an NFT.

Aside from the money, Banks may have earned a small place in pornographic history, as “I FUCKED RYDER RIPPS” is perhaps the first erotic artwork to be minted as an NFT. That could be a big, throbbing deal, depending on if these tokens are in for a marathon session or if we’re nearing the end of a crypto quickie. After all, Christie’s already auctions off one-of-a-kind items all time. Blockchain might represent a fiat revolution or it might go bust, but no matter how long it lasts, it’s sure to be a huge burden on Earth’s climate.