R.I.P. LG Petrov, Longtime Entombed Singer Dies at 49

The legendary death metal singer passed away following a battle with bile duct cancer

Entombed AD LG Petrov dies

LG Petrov, the longtime singer of death metal veterans Entombed and the spinoff group Entombed A.D., died on Sunday (March 7th) at the age of 49. The vocalist passed away after a battle with bile duct cancer.

Born Lars-Göran Petrov, the singer fronted the Swedish death metal pioneers Entombed from 1988 to 2014, save for a brief period from 1991 to 1992, missing the 1991 album Clandestine. Overall he recorded eight albums with Entombed, including their 1990 debut, Left Hand Path. At one point, he also played drums in the band Morbid, featuring Mayhem singer Per “Dead” Ohlin.

In 2014, Petrov and other members of Entombed formed Entombed A.D. after guitarist Alex Hellid split from the group and staked his claim to the Entombed name. With Entombed A.D., Petrov recorded three more albums, the most recent of which was 2019’s Bowels of the Earth. Throughout the years, Petrov was also a member of the bands Firespawn, Allegiance, Comecon, and Nihilist.

Last year, Petrov revealed that his battle with bile duct cancer was incurable, and a GoFundMe campaign was launched to help with his medical bills. At the time, he wrote, “I’ve been hit with uncureable [sic] cancer, and have been battling it for some time now. It can’t be removed but the doctors are trying to control it with chemotherapy. Life takes its weird turns.”

In announcing his passing on Facebook, Entombed A.D. paid tribute to their singer’s legacy:

“Our brother, leader, vocalist, our Chief Rebel Angel went on another ride last night. It’s with the deepest sadness that we have to announce that Lars-Göran Petrov has left us. He was (is!!!) an incredible friend, and a person that has touched so many people. He has changed so many lives with his voice, his music, his character and his unique personality. LG’s smile is something that we will carry forever in our hearts. When asked in an interview what he would like to have written on his grave and what about his legacy, he said: ‘I will never die, it will never die’. And you didn’t. You will live forever in our hearts.⁣⁣⁣ R.I.P. LG Petrov.”

In the few hours since Petrov’s passing was announced, several metal peers have paid tribute, including Amon Amarth frontman Johan Hegg, who wrote, “The word legend is too small to describe LG and what he meant for me as a friend and inspiration. Not only was he one of the best and original voices in metal, but the most kind, humble, funny and genuine person one could ever hope to meet. I will miss you my friend!”

See LG Petrov performing with both Entombed and Entombed A.D. below, followed by tributes from his bandmates and fellow metal musicians.



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