Hereditary Is a Heart-Wrenching Depiction of Schizophrenia

Psychoanalysis screams through Ari Aster’s fiery, harrowing 2018 horror film

Psychoanalysis - Hereditary
Psychoanalysis – Hereditary

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Psychoanalysis is a weekly series on the Consequence Podcast Network that takes an in-depth look at a mental health topic through the lens of horror.

“It’s heartening to see so many strange, new faces here today. I know my mom would be very touched, and probably a little suspicious.”

Today, Jenn, Mike, and Lara embark on a new mental health topic by examining schizophrenia in Ari Aster’s harrowing and deeply personal horror film, Hereditary. They’ll discuss uncomfortable conversations, family secrets, and untreated mental illness.

There’s nothing miniature about this episode as Mike lays out specific manifestations of schizophrenia and criteria for diagnosis. Lara discusses the idea of processing trauma through art and Jenn shares her experiences parenting with a mental illness.

While the episode delves into dark and painful topics, they do find moments of laughter in this bleak film and as always, conclude with an uplifting moment of grounding and self-care.

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