Serj Tankian Releases New Solo EP Elasticity: Stream

Featuring five new songs the singer had hoped to record with System of a Down

Serj Tankian new EP Elasticity
Serj Tankian, photo by Raymond Ahner

Serj Tankian has unveiled his new solo EP, Elasticity, featuring five new songs he had originally hoped to record with his multiplatinum band System of a Down. The EP Is available to stream in its entirety below.

“When I conceived possibly doing another record with the guys from System of a Down a few years back, I started working on a set of songs that I arranged in rock format for that purpose,” Tankian explained in a press release. “As we weren’t able to see eye to eye on the vision going forward with an SOAD album, I decided to release these songs under my moniker.”

It’s easy to see how these songs would have fit within the System of a Down mold, as they have a quirky metal vibe reminiscent of the band’s acclaimed musical output. The track “Your Mom” is especially in the System vein, as is first single “Elasticity”. Meanwhile, the deeply personal song “Rumi” was inspired by Tankian’s son of the same name.

The new EP comes after Tankian joined his System of a Down bandmates for their first new songs in 15 years. Unlike the tunes on Tankian’s EP, the band was able to put aside creative differences to record the tracks “Protect the Land” and “Genocidal Humanoidz” in an effort to support Armenia and its neighboring state Artsakh.

The EP also follows the recent documentary Truth to Power, which chronicles Tankian’s journey as an activist and musician. The singer recently spoke with us about the documentary, touching upon his mission to have the Armenian Genocide recognized, the chaos surrounding the release of System of a Down’s Toxicity, and more.

Stay tuned for more from our interview with Tankian, detailing the new EP, his recent return to the studio with System of a Down, and more. In the meantime, take a listen to Serj Tankian’s new solo EP, Elasticity, via the Apple Music and Spotify players below, and see his just-released music video for “Electric Yerevan”. Purchase a vinyl, CD, or digital copy at Amazon.