Shame Release New Concert Film Live in the Flesh: Watch

A bizarre mix of scripted comedy sketches and real rock and roll

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Shame – Live in the Flesh

    British post-punks Shame have unveiled a raucous, at times bizarre new concert film called Live in the Flesh. The sketch/documentary/concert/happening was directed by Molten Jets, and can be streamed in full below.

    Live in the Flesh begins with a lengthy section of cringe comedy, culminating in a several-minutes-long bit in which a VIP fan rubs oil all over his bald head. Meanwhile, the band watches The Weakest Link, as another VIP sobs, “We paid 120 pounds for this.”

    After almost ten minutes, the concert mercifully begins and real fans cheer Shame on. The UK rockers are riotously fun performing seven tracks from their January scorcher Drunk Tank Pink, and the music is only interrupted for singer Charlie Sheen to get a fresh coat of body oil from a roadie.


    In a statement, the band attempted to sum up Live in the Flesh, writing, “Flesh has never felt more real than it has in this new blockbuster documentary, shame – Live in the Flesh. The hits are heavy, the misses are frequent, and the screenplay is near perfection.”

    Live in the Flesh Setlist:
    01. Born in Luton
    02. Nigel Hitter
    03. Water in the Well
    04. 6/1
    05. Harsh Degrees
    06. Human, for a Minute
    07. Snow Day

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