Sorry Unveil Two New Songs “Cigarette Packet” and “Separate”: Stream

Their first new material since their 2020 album 925

Sorry Share Two New Songs, "Cigarette Packet" and "Separated"
Sorry, photo by Sara Amroussi-Gilissen

Last year, the British indie-rock band Sorry released their well-received debut album 925Now, the genre-blending group have returned with two new loosies titled “Cigarette Packet” and “Separate”.

As the Domino Records-signed band demonstrated on the myriad singles they released prior to 925, Sorry can’t be pinned to one sound or temperament. Their music is an eclectic mix of indie-rock, experimental pop, trip-hop, and even jazz, and all of those elements are often being housed under the roof of a single song.

On these new singles, which were co-produced by James Dring (Gorillaz, Nilüfer Yanya), who also worked the boards on 925, the band continue to evolve in all directions. “Cigarette Packet” is a sleek and brisk synth-pop tune with a blinking synth line, a crisp drum machine, and a detached sing-song delivery from Asha Lorenz.

If that song is the chipper high, then “Separate” is the dreary comedown. The track has a couple different movements in it, but the whole thing has the weary, discombobulated feel of Alex G’s House of Sugar. They’re both fascinating in their own right, and you can hear the pair below.

In a press statement, Lorenz said that these two were written during the last year of quarantine, and she went on to describe them in synesthetic terms. “The sounds are quite metallic / silver / grey and the lyrical ideas are repetitive almost as if they are whispers / mantras/ worries that you’d say to yourself and keep to yourself.”

Last week, Sorry released a Bandcamp-exclusive vinyl album called A Night At The Windmill that doubled as a fundraiser for the beloved local music venue it was recorded at. All 500 copies are long-gone, but for the low-low price of $925 you can snag a digital copy.