TEKE::TEKE Unleash New Song “Yoru Ni”: Stream

From the surf-psych outfit's debut album Shirushi

TEKE::TEKE new song yuri ni single music video listen watch stream
TEKE::TEKE, photo by Andy Jon

Montreal’s TEKE::TEKE have unleashed the new song “Yoru Ni” from their upcoming debut album Shirushi.

The surf-psych seven-piece originally formed as a tribute band to Japanese guitar icon Takeshi Terauchi. But from that singular purpose, TEKE::TEKE have developed an expansively off-kilter identity, layering on the beauty of Japanese folk and the ferocity of UK punk into the perfect soundtrack for dropping acid at the beach.

“Yoru Ni” means “At night,” and as guitarist Serge Nakauchi-Pelletier said in a statement, the song had a spookily nocturnal inspiration. He explained,

“‘Yoru Ni’ (which translates from Japanese to ‘At night’) was literally written in the middle of the night. I woke up suddenly and had this melody in my head, as if it had come to me from another world. It really felt like I was following some kind of spirit or ghost, it was taking my hand and wanted to take me somewhere.”

The track kicks off with a ferocious seven-note guitar riff that transitions into the traditional palm-muted sound of surf rock. Spectral woodwinds flutter and whine, as brass horns swell with urgency, and the lyrics toggle between French and Japanese. The track comes with a music video that shows an empty home full of red light. Bandmembers fade in an out of existence like spirits haunting the house, and you can check it out below.

Shirushi makes its presence felt May 7th via Kill Rock Stars, and pre-orders are ongoing. Previously, TEKE::TEKE shared the singles  “Kala Kala” and “Meikyu”.